[New In The Mix ] The Summer Essentials

The Perfect Pair of Nine West Nude Heels (similar pair)

It’s time for another shopping haul! Lately CK and I have both been trying to make very conscious decisions about what we add to our closets. The days of, “ooooo this is on sale let’s buy it” and “I like it I’m buying it,” have come and gone. Our closets are busting at the seams with things we’ve only worn a handful of times, so we’ve decided it’s time to focus on the essentials and key seasonal pieces. I’ve taken that to heart and in the past few weeks am happy to say that I’m quite thrilled to have added a pair of nude heels, gingham shirt, black shorts and a large floppy hat to my closet. I just know that each of these pieces will be worn over and over again this Summer! I’d love to hear what Summer staples you’ve all accumulated…and just maybe I’ll add some of yours staples to my closet as well!

An Old Navy Blue Gingham Button-Up Shirt

The Perfect Wide Brim Hat – David & Young Woven Wide Brim Hat (it has SPF!)

A Pair of Classic J.Crew Black Shorts 


My mantra for the week

Outfit of The Day Details (Loving the Frametastic App)

Fun Spins on the Classic Stripes and Black on Black

Bright Lights – Denim & Plaid

Glossy March Elle & Marie Claire & Nordstrom’s Catalogue

New H&M and Anthropologie Shoes In The Mix & Floral Print Pants

Pops of Color on a DIY Mani and Mini Champagne Bottle

Motivated and Inspired, these two words pretty much sum up how I have felt the last 7 days. We recently launched our new service to our sales team, and I could not be more pleased with the reception we’ve received thus far. I’ll make sure to share some more details as soon as we are completed with the service’s new website! I have been carrying over some of the same planning and structural methodologies I used to execute the launch of our new website to get this blog where I want it to be. Photo #1 in this round-up will be my ongoing mantra for the rest of 2012!

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