Gingham and Summer White

Gingham Shirt & White Denim: Old Navy | Crystal Necklace & Bracelet : J.Crew | Sam Edelman Yelena Sandals (on sale) : Nordstrom

Hooray Summer is here! Last week I decided to welcome Summer a bit early by rocking blue gingham and white denim. And last week my very, very belated Birthday present from the BF arrived from J.Crew. I seriously cannot stop wearing the crystal brulee necklace!

So let me tell you all about how I (BK) receive gifts for any regular holiday from the BF. The BF does not give me presents on the day of or the day after a holiday. Unless he’s gotten me a trip as a present, I don’t ever get anything the day of my Birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. He’s fond of surprises, but like my sister and my parents will tell you, it’s highly likely that he has adapted this form of gift giving because a) I’m super nosy and b) Surprises + Me are like a match made in heaven. Tears, screaming, hyperventilating, you name it, it happens when I’m surprised.  And, it really doesn’t take much. Once he surprised me by taking me to Popeye’s (yes, the chicken place) and I am pretty sure I cried. I had been obsessing over the commercials and was sad because I thought there weren’t any close by to us, but he found one and he took me there late at night to revel in fried chicken. He has the element of surprise down to a T…I’ve never been disappointed.

Thanks Sara B. for taking these lovely photos!

[The Remix] One Shirt Two Ways // CK’s Look

American Apparel Over-sized Chiffon Button Up | Green AG Denim Skinny Jeans | J.Crew Edie Purse in Flame | Lucky Brand Flats 

It’s time to bring on the remix for The Kina’s! CK and I both love taking the same piece and styling it our own way. Our styles are so different that it’s always a surprise to see whether our looks are similar or worlds apart. Since CK stands at a cool 5’8″ and I’m a bit under 5’2″, it’s always interesting to see how the same piece sits on each of our frames.

For this weeks remix we chose the American Apparel neon chiffon button up we purchased at the American Apparel flea market. The photos really don’t do the color justice, if you see it in person you’ll understand that the color is almost blinding, but that’s why we love it so! This post fits in perfectly with Chartreuse and A Twist’s weekly color collective theme, so jump on over and check out everyone’s Shades of Summer posts.

Now, if you are in the LA area and haven’t hit up the sale, we highly recommend making the trip into downtown for it. We’ll post BK’s take on the styling the shirt tomorrow so make sure to check back in then!

Can’t Go Wrong With Black and Jeffrey Campbell


Sunnies: Michael Kors | Black Tunic: Forever 21 | Black Skinny Jeans : Old Navy | Watch : Michael Kors | Bracelets: Forever 21, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jessica Simpson | Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell Snick STD

Last week I got together with the fabulous Sara B of Glitter and Grace and we snapped a few photos of each other out and about on Balboa Island. I had such a good time taking outfit photos and talking about nail polish, I can’t wait to do it again!

For the day I decided to wear a simple black ensemble and jazzed it up with my favorite sky high Jeffrey Campbell wedges. Of course, I was responsible and sported my Steve Madden Pembrook Booties while walking around the island.

Photos courtesy of Ms. Sara B of Glitter and Grace 


Classic Crisp White and Denim

F21 Scarf // Old Navy White Jeans & Denim Tunic // Louis Vuitton Speedy // Steve Madden Sandals // Michael Kors Watch // Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jessica Simpson & Forever 21 Arm Swag

Classic denim on denim for a day of Sunday strolling. I obviously didn’t get the it’s almost Summer memo CK did for our Santa Monica outing. Happy mid-week y’all! xoxo – Bettina

Almost Summer Loving

The Deets: H&M Poncho // Free People Faux Brown Leather Shorts // Earrings & Shoes Urban Outfitters // Purse and Bangles Unkown

This Sunday Funday CK and I ventured up to Santa Monica and took a long stroll along the beach. We were fascinated by the acrobatics happening at Muscle Beach, so we paused, took some photos and admired the strength. The weather was absolutely beautiful on Sunday, it felt like Summer… well almost, it got a bit chilly later on in the evening, but at least CK got to rock her new Free People Vegan Leather Shorts.

Crochet in The Springtime

Free People Ivory “My One and Only Swing Dress // Forever 21 Denim Jacket, Bracelet  & Necklace // Urban Outfitters Booties // Carrerra Sunnies // Jill Michael Necklace

In today’s outfit post I’m rocking my very last Free People purchase made with CK’s amazing discount. The My One and Only Swing Dress in Ivory is perfect for dressing up and down for Spring, and I highly recommend it to all you lovely ladies. The cut is flattering, and the sleeveless look make it perfect for layering or not layering into the warm Summer months. CK and I are going to try and get some more outfit posts up on the blog, so stay tuned!

The $14.95 H&M Floral Print Pants Are Finally Mine!

I styled the floral print pants up with a basic silk olive button up and some blue heels.

Sunnies & Watch: Michael Kors // Button Up: J. Crew // Pants & Shoes: H&M //   Bracelets: Forever 21, Tiffany’s, J.Crew Watch

This weekend I went shopping with some of my besties and was able to score some awesome deals at H&M, Forever 21 and Old Navy. While I am thrilled about all my purchases, I have to say the $14.95 H&M Floral Print pants are by far my absolute favorite! You see, I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this lovely piece for a few weeks now, and since I was unable to spend the night at South Coast for the Marni sale, finding the floral print pants front and center at H&M on Saturday made up for my lack of Marni for H&M.

I’m not going to lie, I was excited to see them, but was petrified that they wouldn’t fit me because of my very short inseam. I headed to the dressing room and tore my clothes off so I could get the floral pants on ASAP, turned to look in the mirror and was ecstatic, they fit! They’re supposed to fit as cropped pants on the average human, but I think they still look pretty spiffy on me as regular pants. At $14.95, I can say that this was the best Spring trend investment I’ve made thus far. What do you guys think, are they too long? It’s okay if you think they are, I’ll still keep wearing them because I don’t think anything can put a stop to the odd love affair I’m having with them. Let me know if any of you have posted pictures in these pants, I’d love to see how everyone is styling them up!


A Whole Foods Mish Mash & My First Stylemint Purchase!

Some Outfit of The Day Snapshots

Yummy Gumbo from The Grove & Strawberry Cake at The Cream Event

Amazing Table Decor & Dance Floor at The Cream Event

Poolside on an 85 + degree Sunday & Daphne’s for a Late Lunch

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