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Live In The Here And The Now. These are some words I’m definitely trying to live by. It’s always been hard for me to just live in the moment. I’m always looking to tomorrow and I end up either excited or worried about something in the future, something that hasn’t even happened yet. Heck, it may not even happen since it’s in the future. At times I forgot to just sit back, relax and enjoy what’s happening RIGHT NOW.

So, for all of you who stop by today, I ask that you live in the here and the now!

Pretty Pretty Princess

Pretty Pretty Princess, Glitz, Glam and Glitter | The KIna's BlogAlthough both CK and I have been wearing quite a bit of black, every so often I can’t help but go back to my Pretty Pretty Princess board and admire images filled with soft colors, pretty flowers and lots of glitz. There’s something about soft pastels, baby’s breathe and sparkle that make you feel like you’re about to step into The Plaza for a spot of tea. And, if I were going to The Plaza for tea I would wear a fancy schmancy pink chiffon get-up like the one in this photo.

Side note, besides an annoying cough I’m (BK) finally starting to feel like a real human again. One that actually wants to shower and go outside. Man oh man, being sick for more than a week is a major bummer. I feel so out of it.

Images via Pinterest


Courage + Solitude

The past few weekends have been jam packed with trips, a baby shower and birthday celebrations, so I was quite pleased to have absolutely no plans this past weekend. Sometimes I just like to be by myself and reflect. I lounged around on Saturday, went shopping for 5 hours (for me this is therapeutic) and read by the pool for a few hours on Sunday. I ended the weekend by seeing a movie with the BF, we saw Pitch Perfect and let me just tell you, funniest movie I’ve seen in a while. Even the BF was laughing hysterically!

On the topic of reflection, I came across this image last week on Pinterest and cannot stop looking at it. The solitude and courage the image depicts really resonated with me. I spent a bulk of my time thinking about where I am now and where I would like to be. Setting life goals for myself of where I’d physically and emotionally like to be has always worked for me, because the two always seem to work hand in hand. If the energy is no good, you can’t expect to be thriving in your career, and to me you have to have courage to face your emotions head on and break through what is stopping you from reaching your dreams. For me, sitting in the peace of me, myself and I is always the best way to force myself to get real and be honest, and figure out what is standing in my way. I feel like I did that this weekend, and now as the season finally starts to change, I am ready to change as well.

Image Source: Had trouble finding it, please let me know if you know the source.

Live Beautifully

Yesterday we lost our beloved family dog Bentley Fitzgerald Kina. I had originally created this image over the weekend as a desktop background, but am sharing it on the blog today because it so beautifully encompasses the life that Bentley lived.

Bentley was a special dog, he had an incredibly rambunctious personality and while he wasn’t very fond of strangers he loved his family with all his might. He did not like strangers, and he really didn’t like men, so when he met Jon for the first time over 10 years ago we were all quite surprised at how taken he was by Jon. They quickly became BFFs and luckily Jon was able to join us and be by his side in his final hour.

Live Beautifully. Dream Passionately. Love Completely. This was Bentley.

He lived a beautiful life filled with many squirrel chase downs and walks around the park.

He dreamed passionately. Bentley was an infamous sleeper. You could always find him blocking the walkway in a deep sleep or sprawled on his back with his legs up in the air.

And he loved completely. He loved my mom, my dad, Carolina me and Jon oh so very much. But, most importantly, Bentley had a beautiful relationship with our desert tortoise Shelley. This relationship is what made Bentley a special creature. Despite being from completely different species, you could always find Bentley by Shelley’s side in the Summer. Whether he was helping her eat her lettuce or waiting for her to come out of hibernation, Bentley loved her with all his heart. I’ve never quite seen anything like it; a dog and tortoise as BFFs.

Bentley we love you and you’ll always be in our hearts. I’m sure you’re up in heaven chasing squirrels and stealing lettuce from all the unsuspecting desert tortoise’s.

Summer Style Sessions

Keeping it simple today with a round up of some of my favorite Summer looks. CK and I definitely gravitated towards brights, florals and structured pieces this season. These outfits were definitely on repeat all Summer long. What pieces did you find in your usual rotation this season?

Lounge, Sleep, Eat and Swim Here

[Blank] Here. Today I’m kicking off a new column called [Blank] Here, where I’ll be sharing inspiring places where I’d like to lounge, sleep, eat, swim, bathe, cook, etc., the list could go on and on. I’ve shared a few different inspiring spaces I’ve found via Pinterest and other blogs, but I realized I’m constantly saying to myself I’d love to sleep here or eat here, and bam this column was born!

I love pinning images that I find that inspire my living space for now and later. I’m a huge fan of metal, concrete and pops of color, so I’m sure that’ll be a running theme in these posts. But, CK has a much more ethereal and bohemian style when it comes to inspiring spaces, so it’ll be interesting to see the two contrasts.

These four photos really spoke to me because even though they’re images from different homes, I feel like the decor and construction (minus a few things here and there) could really work together in one home. The floor to ceiling windows, concrete and metal pillars in the [lounge] here image left me speechless. If I could pick out a dream space, this Seattle home is the closest in real life home I’ve seen. To me, the iron rodding throughout the floor to ceiling windows is art all in itself, the intricate details add a very chic modern touch.

[Sleep] here also has the to die for floor to ceiling windows, and my oh my what a view! The simple bed styling and frame contrast the blue wall paper so nicely. The wall paper takes center stage and warms the room up with a bit of color.

Now the [eat] here space is a little different than the first two images, but even though there’s a more rustic flair it still speaks to my more modern tastes. The white chairs, wooden table and chandelier paired with the bright pink candle sticks is just plain genius to me. I’d love to eat in a space like this, the bright pops of color really complement the more simple flair of the room.

[Swim] here, I mean hands down this photo just speaks for itself. The only other thing I’m going to say is “to die for!”

Hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July! xoxo – Bettina

Image sources: 1/2/3/4

[Pinspiration] Wide Leg Denim

BCBG Generation Top | Gap Wide Leg Denim Trousers | Louis Vuitton Speedy

This weeks Friday’s Fancies outfit crush theme had me thinking all about wide leg denim! I mean, who doesn’t love a pair of wide leg denim trouser jeans. I think a lot of people tend to be intimidated by the wide leg, but once you get over your fear and try them on you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how flattering they really can be.

I’m still working on trying to find a better pair of shoes to wear with these pair. All the wedges I’ve got are a bit too high for the length of this pant, so I’ll be downsizing to a shorter wedge as soon as I find a good pair. Any suggestions?

Hope you all have a fab Friday and weekend! Make sure to check out the rest of the gals linking up on Long Distance Loving!

Photo Inspiration from Pinterest via Chictopia