How to Organize your Kitchen Cabinets | Ikea Style

Ikea Cupboard and Drawer Plate Organization

I pinned this image to my “Para Nuestra Casa Now” board on Pinterest and it’s gotten so many re-pins I figured I should create a post that at least helps direct people in the right direction. While haven’t been able to find these exact plate holders online, I have a strong inkling they’re only available in stores, I was able to track down this set of kitchen organization tools.

If you look online the Rationell Series and Grundtal Series seem to have some great dividers, containers and organizational tools for your kitchen. I started buying plate stackers and dividers from Ikea and ever since I did, my cupboards are more organized and I find myself utilizing all of my plates and bowls. Before I was lazy and I’d only use the plates on the top of a stack or those towards the front of the cabinet.

Do yourself a favor and organize that ish. You’ll get the use you should be getting from all of your dishwear.

My White + Glass + Neon Dream

Matt Gibson Architecture + Design: Shakin Stevens HouseMatt Gibson Architecture + Design: Shakin Stevens HouseMatt Gibson Architecture + Design: Shakin Stevens HouseMatt Gibson Architecture + Design: Shakin Stevens House

When I stumbled across the beautiful Shakin’ Steven’s House on Pinterest I pinned it, clicked through and became obsessed. The home was designed by Matt Gibson Architecture and Design, a designer based out of Australia. If one day I have the means design my own home, I hope to have it designed by Mr. Gibson himself.

I immediately showed Jon these images and we both came to the agreement, the clean sleek design and beautiful use of open space and glass was right up our alley of aesthetic. Please click here and view the many, many beautiful places designed by Matt Gibson Architecture and Design.

Target Style | November 2012

Mossimo Ponte Leggings | Boys Cherokee Thermal Set | Snakeskin Print Pants | Gold Studded Vase | Nate Berkus Interlock Duvet Set | Shawn White Camo Inspired Jacket

Target, it’s probably the hardest place to leave without at least having purchased one item, okay let’s be honest for me it’s spending a minimum of $25. There’s always something you “need” at Target, whether it’s dish soap or drinks, they have it all! And nowadays they also have a plethora of clothing, shoes and accessories to choose from. I don’t think I know anyone who could turn down a good triple marked clearance item from Target’s sale rack. A few weeks ago I got a sweater for less than I paid for my latte, and it was cute!

Today I decided to share with you all some of my recent Target purchases. And if we’re being honest, I’ve purchased way more than the above this month, but decided to edit it down. We’d have quite a long post folks if I showed each and every piece of the pot. I have to say everything I’ve shared above I’ve either worn or used multiple times, and to make it even better everything was a super Target steal!

Have you guys checked out @targetdoesitagain on Instagram? Well, if you haven’t you should, these two gals keep you updated on Target’s absolute must haves!

Inspiring Spaces

 This week’s Inspiring Spaces column features just one beautiful abode. The renovation of this beautiful Italian villa is so incredible I had to share it with you all. There are many, many photos that catch my eye on Pinterest, but when I saw the image of this beautiful space my heart literally skipped a beat. I mean, everything I’ve ever dreamed of in my mind was in this space. I love that the architectural details were preserved and that the designer updated the space with contemporary and industrial touches.

The open space, concrete tiles and gorgeous glass staircase are everything. You can view the entire space here, on Afflante.

Did You Hear…West Elm is Coming to South Coast Plaza

Did you hear, West Elm will be opening it’s doors at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa on Friday, November 2nd! I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control and write a blog about it, because I want to, want to!

Reading blogs has really brought to light a whole another topic for me to become obsessed with and pin, that topic my dears is home decor. While my love for neutrals and a pop of color has translated into my home, reading decor blogs has opened my decor palette to the world of prints and textures, and I love the blogs for this! These same decor blogs have also brought a whole new set of stores into my life, I mean as bloggers I think we’re all kind of in love with West Elm. If you don’t have the Parson desk, it’s def one that you covet and want for yourself…well maybe that’s just me, but anyways I have an inkling we can all appreciate the thought the creatives at West Elm put behind their product. Can I get an amen!

In honor of the South Coast Plaza West Elm opening, I picked some pieces I’ve been eyeing and in the process I may have already ordered the gold flatware. I just couldn’t help myself.

Flared Glass Vase / Industrial Task Floor Lamp / Orange Square Lacquer Tray / Gold Flatware Set / Zizag Rug / Gold and Silver Gilded Dessert Plates

Home Deets and Style


Eeeek!!! We’re slowly moving into the new place and will be completely in by Friday. I’m so excited to unpack and style the place up. The last apartment we were in just wasn’t really conducive to my aesthetic, so I wasn’t really that into prettying the place up. BUT this place totally speaks to me so I have a feeling it’s going to just amplify my whole entire life.. perfume bottles, peonies and all!


[Blank] Here

It’s time for another installment of the [Blank] Here column. Obviously these inspiring spaces are not homes I’ll be living in anytime soon, but a girl can dream right!?! Something I love about inspiring spaces is that there are always bits and pieces you can take away and incorporate into your own space.

It was hard to find sources for all these images I grabbed from Pinterest, but here are some of the sources… 1/2/3/4/5

Lounge, Sleep, Eat and Swim Here

[Blank] Here. Today I’m kicking off a new column called [Blank] Here, where I’ll be sharing inspiring places where I’d like to lounge, sleep, eat, swim, bathe, cook, etc., the list could go on and on. I’ve shared a few different inspiring spaces I’ve found via Pinterest and other blogs, but I realized I’m constantly saying to myself I’d love to sleep here or eat here, and bam this column was born!

I love pinning images that I find that inspire my living space for now and later. I’m a huge fan of metal, concrete and pops of color, so I’m sure that’ll be a running theme in these posts. But, CK has a much more ethereal and bohemian style when it comes to inspiring spaces, so it’ll be interesting to see the two contrasts.

These four photos really spoke to me because even though they’re images from different homes, I feel like the decor and construction (minus a few things here and there) could really work together in one home. The floor to ceiling windows, concrete and metal pillars in the [lounge] here image left me speechless. If I could pick out a dream space, this Seattle home is the closest in real life home I’ve seen. To me, the iron rodding throughout the floor to ceiling windows is art all in itself, the intricate details add a very chic modern touch.

[Sleep] here also has the to die for floor to ceiling windows, and my oh my what a view! The simple bed styling and frame contrast the blue wall paper so nicely. The wall paper takes center stage and warms the room up with a bit of color.

Now the [eat] here space is a little different than the first two images, but even though there’s a more rustic flair it still speaks to my more modern tastes. The white chairs, wooden table and chandelier paired with the bright pink candle sticks is just plain genius to me. I’d love to eat in a space like this, the bright pops of color really complement the more simple flair of the room.

[Swim] here, I mean hands down this photo just speaks for itself. The only other thing I’m going to say is “to die for!”

Hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July! xoxo – Bettina

Image sources: 1/2/3/4

Inspired Office Space

I’m always fascinated by the way others use artwork to decorate and dress up their office space. Whether it’s a print, painting or photo, hanging something pretty up on a wall really helps to keep the space inspired. Last night I added and sifted through my “office space” Pinterest board to gather up my favorite inspired spaces. What do you hang on your walls to stay inspired?

Since I work from home I spend quite a bit of time in my office/used to be the dining room space. We’ll be moving later this year and (fingers crossed) I’ll hopefully be able to have a more dedicated space to call my office! With that in mind, I’m thinking about creating a few really bright and abstract pieces to hang up on my new office wall. I’m thinking a lot of bright pink, orange, green, blue, and well…you know me there’ll probably be like 20 colors in each painting!

Image Sources: Small Shop Studio via Glitter Guide/Art KR/Kelly Wearstler’s Office/Hannah Blackmore Photography

Spring (Closet) Cleaning

I’m finally switching out my warm Winter rack of clothes for some brighter lighter Spring options. I love taking out all of my Spring clothes, it feels like I’ve just gone shopping, which is always an amazing feeling. Now, if only I could sprawl out all my shoes and purses in a beauty of a wardrobe like the one in this picture. I love myself a good walk in closet, I dream of the day we can move into a place where I can take over an entire room. It will become my office/dressing room and I will spend oh so much time in it. Do any of you have a dressing room? If you do, I’m so jelly! xoxo-Bettina

Image via Pinterest