Lampin Links | June 14th

Summer Time

[Lampin’ Verb: To just chill back and relax while being totally unproductive]

Happy Friday everyone! It’s June 14th, which means the wedding is a month away. So crazy, considering it felt like it was eons months away in May. We’re almost done wrapping up all the loose ends and I can honestly say that I’m so so so glad we kept it small. I would not have been a fan of planning everything that needs to be done for a huge event!

As we head into the weekend, I wanted to share some of my favorite things from this past week.

You’ll want to steal this look that Erika of the Small Shop Blog featured this past week. Tropical chic heaven is what this is I tell ya!

Nordstrom is having a fantastic half-yearly sale for men. I popped in last night and was able to scoop up some fabulous Faconable linen shirts from my dad  – this and this.

I fell in love with the relaxed sweatshirt Sam of Could I Have That was wearing this week. This Current Elliot Stadium Sweatshirt is a MUST for me now! I know it’ll be the perfect Summer Staple sweater.

This Lime Chicken Pizza on Design Love Fest looks like an awesome Summer dinner I need to try ASAP. I think you will all agree on that!

These overalls from ASOS that Hitha on the Go is rocking in her post are just AMAZE!

Sara of Glitter and Grace wore the most adorable Kitty Cat and Abe Lincoln ensemble. And her pose around the Kitty will melt your heart. Trust me check it out.

I can’t stop thinking about this outfit. I want to find a black skirt just like it!

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Lampin’ Links | June 8th

Summertime Dips in The Pool | The Kina's Blog

[Lampin’ Verb: To just chill back and relax while being totally unproductive]

I heard the term Lampin’ a few years ago while I was in Denver and the word has really stuck with me. I don’t know what it is, but Lampin’ just sounds so much better than relaxing or resting. Each week I comb through so many blogs, I decided I wanted to start a weekly round-up of posts I absolutely LOVED during the week. This way, you can all read through them while you’re Lampin’ around over the weekend by the pool, beach, lake, etc. I found this image by Gabriele Bisacco on Pinterest, and it just screams quintessential Summer weekend!

Lampin’ Links:

Everything about Damsel in Dior’s June Gloom outfit is on point. The relaxed linen tank, scrunched up track pants and nude strappy sandals are perfection. I am seriously considering getting the linen tank in every color! Go Zara!

Alicia from Cheetah is the New Black has found the most perfect gray sweatshirt.

These morning hike essentials from The Life Styled are athletic perfection. Especially the Stella McCartney Adidas shorts. I need them ASAP!

Late Afternoon shared some of her home entertaining tips. Her charcuterie plate is definitely something I’ll be trying to put together at a future gathering.

Zara does it again. These shoes that 5 inch and up is wearing in this post are platform Summer perfection. I’m supposed to be staying away from platforms (read here), but I don’t know if I’ll be able to after seeing her outfit post.

I love me a good Olsen pic and for the first time every I realized that Elizabeth is not as tiny as Miss MK.

Image Source: Gabriele Bisacco

Live In The Here And The Now

Live In The Here And The Now | Inspire | The Kina's Blog


Live In The Here And The Now. These are some words I’m definitely trying to live by. It’s always been hard for me to just live in the moment. I’m always looking to tomorrow and I end up either excited or worried about something in the future, something that hasn’t even happened yet. Heck, it may not even happen since it’s in the future. At times I forgot to just sit back, relax and enjoy what’s happening RIGHT NOW.

So, for all of you who stop by today, I ask that you live in the here and the now!

Meet My New BFF, My Hair

Messy Beachy Mermaid Hair | The Kina's Blog

Since Friday I’ve realized that pretty much all of the hairstyles I’ve ben dreaming about are now reality. All that volume and mess I’ve been yearning for is possible. So of course I spent a bunch of time pinning photos of hairstyles I will be trying out. Hair color you have made my hair my new instant BFF. It’s seriously like the newest and bestest accessory. I feel like I sound like a crazy person writing a love letter to my hair, but it really is my new BFF.

Images via Pinterest

That Awkward Moment…

That Awkward Moment I Catch You Staring Into My Home | Funny Poodle | The Kina's Blog

A few weeks ago when I was shooting outfit pics with Glitter and Grace, we walked past the cutest home and were scouting it as a potential outfit photo backdrop. As we made our way past it we were pleasantly surprised by this adorable poodle that was staring straight at us. His stare just screamed, “Yeah, you! I see you staring directly into my house!” I swear, he didn’t even flinch once as we walked by. Even as I stopped to take a photo of him, he just looked like he was watching us to make sure we kept walking and didn’t linger around and use his lovely abode for a backdrop. I knew I had to do something with the photo, so I created the above ENJOY!

Inspring Colors & Prints || Layers

Inspiring Colors & Prints | Colorful Layers | The Kina's Blog


It’s that time of the month. It’s time for another set of Inspiring Colors and Prints. As usual, my favorite pins are those the incorporate color and create texture through layering.

What kind of colors & prints are driving home inspiration for you all this Spring? I think Summer will only continue to attract bright, loud colors into this series.

Images :: one :: two :: three :: four :: five

Summer Staples

Summer Staples | Basics & Neutrals | The Kina's Blog


All Saints Lois Blazer - I recently purchased a sleeveless blazer from Forever 21 and it has quickly become a closet staple. I wear it so much I’m thinking of taking the plunge on this lovely All Saints version. You can wear it with skinny jeans, cut-off shorts and dresses – the options are honestly endless. Dress it up or dress it down, it seriously works for any and every occasion!

3.1 Phillip Lim Scout Small Drawstring Lux Crossbody in Black – Now that CK is working at 3.1 Phillip Lim I’ve definitely got their handbags on my mind like all the time. I can’t wait to add one to my collection and am seriously considering the cross body in black. It looks like it’s the perfect size to tote around all day long, and the black and gold make it oh so classically chic.

Topshop Slouchy Pocket Tee – A light gray slouchy long sleeve shirt or sweater is an absolute Summer must. Layer it over a tank and rock it with a pair of cut-offs for the perfect, effortlessly chic nighttime look. I absolutely love wearing a neutral sweater, denim and a bold pair of shoes.

All Saints Patch Casey Jeans – Skinny distressed jeans will always be a go-to piece for me. Whether it’s Summer or Winter, denim like this will make it into your weekly denim rotation.

Carrera 57mm Sunglasses – Yellow and clear shades. Totally Summer.

All Saints Revell Lowe White Shorts - White shorts go with pretty much any and every top in my closet, so I’m pretty sure it’ll be the same dealio for you as well. Dress them up with strappy Zara sandals, or down with some Nike Dunks. Whatever you do, you’ll always look uber California Dreamin’.

Asos Open Stone Bangle – The most perfect delicate bracelet. Use it to layer into an arm party or rock it all by its dainty self.

All Saints Manifest Boot in Gray - Seriously such an amazing pair of shoes. I tried them on and I want them so bad. Now, I know I had pretty much sworn off new platforms in a previous post, but after writing it I realized I think boots will still be an exception. If the platform is hidden enough I’ll make it work into my French lady chic wardrobe. I just know that if I get these boots they will be the ultimate year-round staple!

Pinterest Productivity || Recipes

Summer Recipe Inspiration || Pinterest Productivity It’s time for another installment of Pinterest Productivity! Pinterest Productivity all started when I began to realize that I was pinning hundreds and hundreds of pins, and wasn’t doing anything with them. I mean, they’re lovely to look at, but what’s the point if I’m not going to put them to use. So in an effort to increase my productivity I decided to blog about pins I’d take from the screen and into real life.

This installment of Pinterest Productivity includes three Summer recipes I’m itching to try. The grilled chicken and corn salad, Parmesan Baked Tomatoes and Salmon Cakes are on my must make next week list. Once I make these lovelies, I’ll make sure to post them on Instagram and on the blog for your viewing pleasure.

Now, I challenge you to breathe life into three of your favorite Pinterest Pins!


The Classic Collection || Emerson Fry

Classic & Chic | Emerson Fry | The Kina's Blog When I started writing this post yesterday I thought I’d be sharing photos that have inspired recent changes in my style, but then I clicked through an Emerson Fry photo from my Pinterest board and the post took on a life of it’s own. I’ve come across Emerson Fry on many blogs that I absolutely adore, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized just how incredibly amazing their pieces are. As I started to click through and view each and every look and piece, I was absolutely mesmerized by their incredibly chic and classic aesthetic. What I love about Emerson Fry is that their pieces are great together or integrated with pieces already in your wardrobe. You can add in some wide leg jeans to lend a more boho look or a leather jacket for an edgy touch, the options are really quite unlimited.

I dare you to check out their clothes and not become absolutely obsessed with saving up to pick up a few pieces for Spring and Summer.

Side note: I’ve recently completely re-thought my approach to my closet. I want my closet to be a place I want to shop. Instead of storing clothes, I want to feel like I’m entering my favorite boutique each and every morning of my life. Now, I know this is going to take sometime, but I’m quite excited to start building an exceptionally curated collection. I’ve been selling many, many of my previous purchases to local thrift stores and on Poshmark, because to be honest for a long time I would buy pretty much everything that caught me eye. That time of my life is over, and I’m more focused on purchasing pieces I want to wear every single day of my life!