A September Mantra

Stop Chasing What Your Mind Wants and You'll Get What Your Soul Needs | Monday Mantra How is it already September? CK and I cannot believe that September is here and Summer is nearly over. Although I do love the sunshine and warm temps of Summertime, I am ready for Fall to arrive. I’m pretty sure I say it every year, but there’s something to be said about the crisp Fall breeze that brings in an incredibly honest sense of a new beginnings. In some ways, I find Fall has always brought me a fresher start than the new year or Springtime. Maybe it has to do with the nostalgia of the first day of school or the fact that my Birthday is in the Fall – whatever it is, I know for certain that I’m looking forward to it!

Last week I sent CK this quote, “Stop Chasing What Your Mind Wants and You’ll Get What Your Soul Needs.” These words spoke to both of us. Regardless of what the initial topic of conversation has been lately when we’re chatting on the phone, via text, or on gchat we constantly circle back to the idea of what we think we should be doing versus what comes naturally, or what just feels right. Both of us are go with your gut type of gals for so many things (aka chop your hair off CK or dye your hair crazy BK), but there are definitely times we choose to ignore the raw emotion of instinct for the “idea” of what is/should be the right decision/path/goal. What we’ve both started to realize is the decision to live a happy and fulfilled life is a simple one – what’s not as simple is navigating that route on the daily. If we make the conscious decision to choose what feels right and most natural at the time, the road would be simpler one, but there are always distractions in the form of ambitions, goals, outside influence, etc. that make keeping to that simple path a tad bit difficult. And it’s not to say that ambitions and goals aren’t positive things, it’s just that they make things a bit more complicated.

Life, with all of it’s twists and turns, decisions and choices is a long and winding road. We’re not saying we’re going to be able to completely stop over complicating things, because let’s face it we’re humans it’s going to happen. What we are saying is that maybe if we turn down the volume of our complicated thoughts and make it a point to actively focus on what our gut, what our soul is telling us to do life will be easier and we’ll feel more at peace. Life is a journey and to live life to the fullest we’re learning that your raw instinct isn’t something that can/should be denied. #lessonsofatwentysomethingyearoldgirl

Pre- Fall Sweaters + Shorts

Pre Fall Outfit Inspiration Sweaters + Shorts

Pre-Fall is a wonderful time of the year. We’re getting over the heat and looking forward to some cooler temps, but there’s just enough heat left to make shorts and sweaters a match made in outfit heaven. An oversize sweater and some baggy shorts has always been a go-to casual chic look and I will for sure be rocking this look well into September while I embrace those lovely and cool/warm Summer nights!

If you’re in the market for some oversize sweaters, look no further than the image below… Oversize Sweaters for Pre Fall

One | Two | Three | Four

Collage Photo Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Peace and Love

End of Summer Look | Cut-Offs and Fringe Boots Black Sweater | DIY Levi’s Denim Shorts | Chinese Laundry Fringe Boots

Sometimes when I get dressed in the morning and I feel like I don’t have anything to wear I throw out some character, real person or theme to jog some inspiration. The other day, I immediately thought Pocahontas, so of course I had to wear my fringe boots to reminisce of the lovely fringe dress she wore in the Disney version. Side note: Pocahontas is like CK’s absolute FAVE Disney character.

A Modern Day Hippie Look Turquoise Blue Jewelry

Chinese Laundry Fringe Boots + Cut-Off Denim Shorts

Photos by Sara B

Under The Influence | No Rhyme or Reason

End of Summer/ Early Fall Street Style Inspiration | The Kina's Blog Under the Influence. Here’s a collection of some my favorite street style looks. At first glance it looks there appears to be no rhyme or reason to what I’m loving at the moment, but after stopping to really look at each look in detail – I realized there is. I’ve definitely been inspired by neutrals, balancing billowy and streamlined looks, and a clean neutral statement shoe. Patterns have been attention grabbing, but they’ve been patterns that hone in on neutral colors and prints. All of these looks have been screaming end of Summer/early Fall. Are any of you admiring the same types of neutral looks?

Sidenote: I lightened my hair some more. It is definitely edgier. I feel more rock and roll. I’ll post some outfit pics this week with the lighter hair.

Sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 /


BK and CK in DTown LA

I Am Anti Girl | Heart Los Angeles Street Art in Downtown LA

Anti Girl Heart Los Angeles Street Art in Downtown LA

Last weekend/week CK was in town visiting and we of course made a few trips up to LA. We used to always take fun day trips like this when she lived in CA, so it was so much fun to relive the old days. Taking it back old school meant visiting our favorites in downtown and stopping by some new scenery.

We started the day out at Handsome Coffee Roaster and then took a fun little walk around the art district neighborhood. Lucky for us, we stumbled across some super cute LA street art by Anti Girl. I’ve definitely seen her work on Instagram, so I was super stoked to see it in my person. After our little walk around we of course then made our way to our usual lunch spot Urth Caffe, and enjoyed some good coffee, chats and food. It was such a lovely day that ended with CK surprising her friend at her Improv show and some delish Mexican food. We definitely miss CK, but we know she’s living life to the fullest in the best city that ever did exist!

While we would love to see her every weekend and even every day, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. In our family, we see life as an opportunity to strive and take risks to LIVE life, and don’t believe in just going through the motions. I know CK misses us just like we miss her, but we’ll always be there for her, whether it’s near or far cheering her on in her journey. For us, we’re the happiest when she’s embracing everything life has to offer. She’s growing up and we’re quite proud of the life she’s building for herself. CK’s still young, so at the moment the distance and the struggles of becoming a young adult are all to apparent, but one thing I do know is that five years from now all of these experiences, steps and tests will make sense, and she’ll look back and smile and know she has no regrets.

The Bridge | Downtown LA

Downtown LA Bridge

Pesto Chicken Sandwich at Urth Caffe

CK’s Urth Caffe Pesto Chicken Sandwich

Urth Caffe Pizza Catona

My Urth Caffe Pizza Catona

Steve Madden ‘Real’ Love Pump | Look Three – Tomboy Chic

Urban Renewal Overal Dress + Nude Strappy Pumps Forever 21 Beanie | Urban Renewal Overal Dress | H&M Striped Basic Tank | Nude Steve Madden ‘Real’ Love Pumps

How to Wear Nude Strappy Pumps

Time for the last installment of How To Wear Strappy Nude Pumps. These, along with wedge sneakers, have been my favorite trend shoes of 2013. You can basically wear both of these shoes to pretty much any occasion and with any look. I know some of you are thinking it’s just not possible, but I really believe it is. It’s all about embracing it! Don’t forget to check Look one and Two.

I was totally inspired by my urban renewal overall dress and thought why not pair them with these fancy pumps…and then add in the beanie to give a little bit of a boyish edge. It’s definitely not a look for everyone, but for me this is totally something I’d wear, in fact I wore it out to dinner the other night!  How to Style a Vintage Overall Dress

Urban Renewal Overall Dress Outfit Inspiration How to Wear Steve Madden Real Love Pumps

Photos by Glitter and Grace

Steve Madden ‘Real’ Love Pump | Look Two – Date Night

Date Night: Sequin Skirt + Steve Madden Real Love Strappy Sandals Black Long Sleeve Top | Sequin Skirt | Steve Madden Real Love Nude Strappy Sandals

As I said in Part 1 of this series, I’m a firm believer in making your favorite pair of shoes work with pretty much any outfit and for every occasion. For Look 2, I paired my nude strappy sandals with a sequin skirt and long black sweater. This is something I would wear out to date night, to dinner or the movies. Sequins dress it up, but the simple black top and nude heels tone the skirt down enough for a casual night on the town. Too many sequins and glitz, and you’ll end up looking like you’ve mistaken your hometown for Las Vegas!

Date Night Look: Rose Gold Sequin Skirt + Black Long Sleeve Tunic How to Wear: Steve Madden Real Love Strappy Nude Heels

Photos by Glitter and Grace

Steve Madden ‘Real’ Love Pump | Look One – Casual Chic

Steve Madden Real Love Heels in Nude | Casual Chic Look

Striped Zara Dolman Sweater | DIY Levi’s Cut-Off Denim Shorts | Nude Steve Madden Real Love Pumps

I am a huge believer in wearing your favorite pair of shoes to any event. So long as you’re not hiking up a mountain or walking 3 miles, I believe that based on the look you put together, you can wear your favorite pair of heels for any occasion. These nude strappy Steve Madden Real Love heels have become an instant favorite in my closet. For quite some time I’d wished for the Zara sandals to fit me, but I finally accepted the fact that I was between a 6.5 and 7 and this shoe just wasn’t going to work for me. I went out on a quest for the perfect strappy sandals and I found these beauties at Nordstrom. Now, I’m not going to lie – they’re not the most comfortable shoes. BUT I love how they look, and I honestly feel like they work with any look; whether it’s day or night.

In Look One, I’m pairing the pumps with a striped sweater and cut-off shorts. I feel like the heels really pump the outfit up and give it the most perfect casual chic feel. I’d wear this out shopping, or to lunch with the girls. I’ll post the rest of one pair of heels three ways later this week!

Details + Styling | Striped Sweater + Denim Cut-Offs Casual Chic | One Pair of Heels Three Ways Casual Chic Look | Striped Sweater, Denim Cut-Offs and Strappy Heels Strappy Steve Madden Nude Pumps

Photos by Glitter and Grace

The Wedding

Brooklyn Bridge Wedding A Bowery Hotel Bride Brooklyn Bride Park Wedding | The Skyline Wedding Day Doggie Attendant We’re waiting for our lovely photos to be edited by our amazing photography Jake Murphy of JBM Wedding Photography, but in the meantime I wanted to post a few of the amazing polaroids he took. Jake arrived with a vintage polaroid camera that looked like a prop, but it still works and took stunning photos. I love the grainy look and soft lighting of these images, I feel they totally look like overly edited instagram shots.

I cannot wait to see the whole slew of images! Until we do receive them enjoy these polaroids, and check out this post for more of the day deets!

My Favorite Summer Dress

Free People Trapeze Dress | Summer Style Sessions Free People Trapeze Dress in Cream | Sleeveless Gray Hoodie | Zara Heels

I can’t believe it’s almost August, where did the Summer go!?!? I purchased this Free People Trapeze Voile dress a few years ago and it’s always in heavy rotation. It’s perfect as a layering piece in the dead of winter and is thin enough to work as a bikini cover up as well. I love looking for versatile pieces to add to my closet collection. I can honestly say I recommend this dress hands down!

Voile and Lace Trapeze Slip in Cream | My Favorite Summer Dress Free People Trapeze Dress Photos by Glitter and Grace