The Birthday Surprise

Best Friends in Brooklyn

A few days before I was set to head out to NYC I received a text from CK’s BFF Matt and when I read it I was immediately sent into excitement overload. Matt was going to be in town for CK’s birthday and wanted to surprise her!

Fast forward to the Thursday before her birthday and Matt and I are meeting outside the Apple store in Chelsea. We decide that I’ll walk ahead and meet CK at Billy’s Bakery and he’ll follow behind so she doesn’t see us together. Later on I’ll learn that it was quite difficult to keep a good amount of walking distance between the two of us because of my incredibly slow walking pace (think every one of a normal person’s steps is like 5 of mine). So, I get to Billy’s and order cupcakes for us and I’m just hoping CK doesn’t realize I’m like smiling like an idiot. I think she just thought I was excited to be in NYC. We sit down in the booth and then her phone rings, she answers and it’s Matt. All of a sudden she starts to look around I know it’s happening and I’m just grinning. She looks out the window and across the street there is Matt waving! Of course she screams and runs across the street to greet him. It was seriously like a movie, so epic!

Best birthday surprise I’ve seen in a long time. It totally reminded me that the element of surprise is such a wonderful emotion and gift you can give someone. To feel so elated and caught of guard by something so pleasant is a beautiful thing!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! xoxo – Bettina

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